Impression of Singel80

On the elevated ground floor, also called ‘bel-etage’ which translates to a ‘piano nobile’, you can hear the floor creaking underneath your feet while the sun shines softly on the conference table through the large monumental windows.
You overlook the canal and the Corsgen bridge: a historical part of Amsterdam. The smell of freshly brewed coffee fills the room.
Comfortable chairs and seating areas, soft light; a wonderful atmosphere.

At the back of the room, you can go up the five steps to the so-called ‘opkamer’: a smaller and cosy room with original windows overlooking the old Korsjespoortsteeg.

When you go back to the bel-etage, a staircase leads down to a third room: the basement cum kitchen. This space also has its own unique ambiance, with it’s marble black and white checkered floor, the old beams, candles, and the long wooden table in the centre.

When you stay for lunch and/or dinner, we will make sure that the table is set with elegant platters loaded with delicious as well as nutritious and energising dishes.

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